Winning Weddings - Gulzar Patell and Dexter Patrick Moss talk with You & I

After completing their first project as wedding curators and enjoying the work immensely, Gulzar Patell and Dexter Patrick Moss found their métier. Their joy was doubled when they realised that they had made their client’s day absolutely unforgettable. The enterprising pair of DNG Curators chats with us about their work, which also happens to be their passion.

Their bouquet of services includes photography and videography for weddings, pre- and post-wedding shoots at amazing locations, travel packages for honeymoons, and resourceful advice and assistance for anything related to weddings, as well as other product and fashion shoots.

Gulzar Patell Moss
Let’s begin with the inception of DNG Curators. 

Dexter was covering an event for the first time as a freelance photographer. And he realised that for good results, there needs to be some form of curating, especially for getting good shots and covering the event without stress. After discussing this at length, we were convinced that clients would have a care-free time at their events if we offered this concept along with customary photography services. Shortly after, we got the opportunity to experiment as a duo with a wedding. And now, that’s what we’re approached for!

What services do you offer your clients? 
Curators are custodians who offer care to their clients. And that’s what we do. We look after the bride and groom – including their family members – and handle every glitch to make their event hassle-free. We liaison with the videography and photography teams and, if required, with other teams as well, to provide seamless satisfaction to our clients. This modus operandi applies to our product/fashion shoots as well.

How does competition affect you? 
We have never really thought about competition, as we believe that we are a good team. We offer personalised planning and execution to each and every client.  

How do you divide the work between the two of you? 
Dexter and I take care of almost everything and we love it! I usually deal with the creative aspects of our work and bring ideas to the table. Dexter addresses the technicalities. I’m also involved with negotiations with the clients, and Dexter supports with his business acumen. We complement and supplement each other, and I think we make a great team together!

What’s your best work so far? 
We give our best effort to every project that we execute. Our success is linked directly to the satisfaction quotient of our valued clients, and there are several of them in our cache. 

Dexter Patrick Moss

Why weddings?  
A wedding in India is not just a union of two individuals; it is the binding together of two families with their different ethos, traditions, and customs, with great fanfare. The idea of a wedding spells happiness: fine clothes, jewellery, floral decorations, lights, music, singing and dancing, and of course, delicious food. Being part of a family’s special day and creating a magical event for them gives Gulzar and I a great kick. Every moment is precious, and we are with them to create that moment, so they can cherish it for a lifetime. It’s about making the day the happiest for our clients and their families, and our services are most suited for this industry.

What’s DNG Curators’ USP?
Client satisfaction through our curating efforts is our USP. We are on hand personally to make sure that the greatest day of their lives is fun-filled, stress-free, and happy.

What challenges do you face in your field of work?  
Client emotions, meeting timeliness, team management, clients’ d-day jitters and blues are always and forever challenging, due to different mindsets. However, with experience, we are now learning the art of handling situations better. 

Cutting corners sometimes affects creativity. What do you do when this happens with a client? 
Every client wants the best for as little as possible. We offer quality services at a reasonable charge. We often need to spend time with clients to sort out the nitty-gritty and work on shoestring budgets. As a rule, quality should never be compromised, especially when it comes to once-in-a-lifetime events. When the client is made to understand this, the biggest hurdle to our work is overcome.  

What do you like most about what you do? 
That we love what we do, and nothing’s gonna stop us!        --- as told to Sumana