What is third eye piercing?

A very popular trend that’s doing rounds at the moment is third eye piercing. Part of the process of dermal piercing, third eye piercing has reached its peak and people have become fierce with their outlook. Third eye piercing is done in the gap between the eyebrows, above the nose bridge. Also known as bindi piercing, vertical bridge piercing, or unicorn piercing, here are the details about the trend.

Firstly, you need to choose a professional for doing this job. Ensure you get the piercing done at the centre of your forehead – this is very important, as otherwise, it may all go wrong! It may also affect the symmetry of your face. While it can be done using a surgical pen, you can also use a sterilized needle for inserting a piece of dermal jewellery into your skin.

Healing and Care Third Eye Piercing:

Depending on how well you care and clean your wound, the duration of healing varies. Use aftercare products for taking proper care of your wound. It may take around four to six weeks for he wound to heal completely.

Points to Remember:

•    Avoid touching the pierced area

•    Make sure that your clothes don’t get stuck on it

•    Until the wound heals, you may have to avoid swimming

•    Clean the pierced area with warm salt water twice every day

Here are a few types of third eye piercing:

1. Flathead screw-shaped dermal top

2. Jeweled dermal piercing tops

3. Dermal piercing spikes

4. Custom-made gold dermal tops

5. Dermal tops in unique shapes

Sometimes, you may develop dry skin around the wound. Saturate cotton in saline solution and press it gently against the wound to soften the area. Also, eat well, be extremely hygienic, and get plenty of sleep, for allowing your piercing to heal faster.