The Top 6 Haute Residences 2018 – From The Luxury List

Flawless beauty and sophisticated elegance are key components of luxury. The brand, quality, personality, allure and overall presentation are what are taken into consideration when speaking of luxurious objects. Our list for 2018’s most luxurious take these same criteria into account. In our rundown of fashion houses, we’ve carefully considered every label and selected only the most exclusive ones. For luxury  car designers, the company’s sense of style and direction, taking its past and present into account, is most important. Jewellery designers selected for this list all have the glitz and sophistication required to make the grade.

We’ve hand-picked the top restaurants as well, looking at their Michelin star status along with expansive creations and innovation. Plus you need a setting that’s charming and brings beauty with flavour to savour. The jets and yachts’ sleek style is what luxury is all about – a product that’s built to deliver a certain style and grand, overall experience. And of course, real estate is extremely popular as a top luxury option. Everyone dreams of living in a palace, but of course, it comes with a price. Check out our picks here for a taste of luxury living.     - Rahim Latif


1. The Hackwood Park Estate - The Hackwood Park Estate, which was once owned by the famous Aga Khan’s mother, is a $65 million estate which was built in 1980, and is 50 times the size of an average family home! Situated on a 260-acre plot, the property contains 24 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms. It is so exclusive that buyers must disclose their financial status and sign a confidentiality agreement before viewing the insides of this beauty. The grounds also contain four cottages, a coach house and a stable. The estate is located in Basingstoke, Hampshire in the UK.

2. Nurai Island Villa - The Nurai Island Villa has four bedrooms and six bathrooms spread over nearly 25,000 square feet. This ultra-luxe beachfront estate sits on the edge of a private island community of estates. Along with this, the estate features yacht parking, and the house features boat parking, not to mention an infinity pool and white sand beaches. This estate lays in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

3. The Round Hill Chateau - Sotheby’s amazing Round Hill Chateau is a one-of-a-kind estate with a royal feel all throughout. The $25 million Greenwich, Connecticut property includes a courtyard, a two-bedroom guesthouse, a pool house with two baths, jaw-dropping pool, and tennis house. The main estate contains four bedrooms and six full baths, all featuring immaculate architecture and regal beauty.

4. 834 Fifth Avenue - Imagine a seven-bedroom apartment and then a ten-bathroom apartment sprawling over 12,000 square feet…in Manhattan! A $76 million apartment on Fifth Avenue is something the crème de la crème of Manhattan would crave. The over-the-top residence is designed by famous architect Rosario Candela and is a depiction of classic architecture. The apartment includes a gorgeous living room, dining room, office, and a library.

5. Castle in the Sky - The ‘Castle in the Sky’ sits in a hotel that would make anyone’s jaw drop. This Plaza residence consists of an immaculate gallery, a grand salon, a spacious dining room, a towering master suite, four private bedrooms and four full bathrooms, which blend beautifully with the building’s gorgeous architecture. It also features a balcony with a stunning view of Central Park and the New York skyline.

6. Omniyat One Palm Apartment - This AED 102 million apartment will have an incredible view of the Dubai Marina. The expansive penthouse will occupy over 29,800 square feet, showing off five bathrooms and living rooms, and it will be a unique ‘estate’ with a 20-metre pool. For more information on the One Palm Apartment, please visit: