For the Love of Camera - Heeba Patel

Whe is a mature, charming, and talented young girl from Mumbai who got into acting in 2014 with the Kannada film Adyaksha. But it was her fourth film, Kumari 21F that actually got Hebah Patel to the forefront for her excellent performance and fresh looks. She has churned out several hits thereafter and is currently one of Tollywood’s famed actresses.

As bubbly and full-of-life as she might appear to be, she is a reserved individual when it comes to her personal life. Here she gets candid with us about her love for the camera and more… 

The trailer of your upcoming film 24 Kisses garnered 1 lakh views within 24 hours. What are your expectations from it?
24 Kisses is a film I have been most excited about in my career. It’s been the most challenging role I’ve ever played and it’s really helped me evolve as an actor. The response from the trailers and posters have been great and that’s just adding to the confidence I have about the film doing well.

What are your other projects in the pipeline?
I am in the process of finalising a few projects, and will make the announcement soon.

What has been your most memorable moment on the sets of a film?
I’ve always used glycerine for scenes in which I’ve had to cry, but in 24 Kisses I cried without it and that was the biggest high for me! It gave me a massive sense of achievement.

Since web series are all the rage right now, would you consider acting in one?
Of course, I would love to do one. I live off Netflix and Amazon Prime and I’d definitely want to be in a web series that’s presented on any of these platforms.

If you were to be part of a biopic, whose biopic would it be?
I would love to be part of Priyanka Chopra’s biopic. She’s had quite the journey and an exemplary career and life already!

What is your all time favourite movie to watch?
Mahesh Bhatt’s Tamanna and in recent times, Jab We Met.

What made you choose acting as a career?
My love for being in front of the camera! Honestly, I love myself on camera and that’s why I thought I’d make for a good actress.

What were the challenges you faced when you began your career?
I didn’t know who to trust back then, and that was a major drawback. Another downside was not having a godfather in the film industry.

If not for an actress, what profession would you have chosen?
I would have surely been a journalist if not an actress (smiles).

What do you do when you’re not working?
Chill at home and binge-watch Netflix.

What is your fashion mantra?
Less is more

And your fitness regime?
I practice Pilates and I absolutely love it! It uplifts my mood and has done wonders for my mind and body.                - as told to Niharika