Kate Hudson Wants More Kids

Hollywood actress Kate Hudson has revealed that she does not have any issue with having more kids in the future. The actress revealed in an interview with Accessonline.com that although she has Ryder, 15, and Bingham, 7, as well as three-month-old Rani, she has immense love for kids and she would want to have more. However, all her kids have different fathers. Ryder is the son of her former husband Chris Robinson, while Bingham is the son of her former fiancé Matt Bellamy. Rani, her newest, is the daughter of Danny Fujikawa.
"I love babies. I mean, if it happens again, it happens again, you know? I'm never going to say no," Hudson said.

"I think that Danny is going to want a boy of his own for sure. Granted, he has inherited two boys -- and it is a lot in the house. But he comes from three boys. So I think that, yeah. We will see."

The Bride Wars star also revealed that she is very happy with the way her kids have been bonding.

"It's really cute to see them with her. They can't stand how cute she is. It's completely different than when Ryder had his brother. He was like,'When can he play? When can he do things?' They want to teach them everything they know," she added.

— Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Credits - IANS