Jaguar Rising!

AJaguar feels like no other car on the road. Moving to all-electric power doesn’t change this. Built from the ground up, the new Jaguar I‑PACE is a pure Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). Thrilling to look at and drive, the Jaguar I‑PACE is the ultimate all-electric performance SUV. Read ahead to know what’s it like to drive Jaguar’s first electric car.


Featuring an elegant, highly aerodynamic design with a low drag coefficiency of 0.29Cd, I‑PACE has been created to provide efficiency by slicing cleanly through the air for maximum range and stability. It offers excitement from every angle thanks to its flowing waistline, dramatic bonnet scoop, and signature rear haunches.

Giving a distinctive on-road presence, I‑PACE’s slim futuristic LED headlights feature the signature double ‘J’ blade graphic, while the roof provides an exceptionally smooth look with panoramic glass roof. This system maintains continuous use of the high beam but automatically adjusts the shape of the beam to avoid dazzling oncoming vehicles. It offers a choice wheels in sizes 18”, 20” and 22” – all perfectly complement I‑PACE’s revolutionary looks.


I‑PACE is a Jaguar above all else – a true driver’s car. Its electric motors and
near-perfect weight distribution deliver 696 Nm of instant torque and sports car agility. For over 80 years, Jaguar has created cars that excite the senses. Its
90 kWh battery is designed for longevity and supports protracted periods of sustained maximum power. The battery’s position within the wheelbase provides the vehicle with a low centre of gravity, naturally benefiting vehicle dynamics. Also, it does not require a conventional transmission. Instead, it is all about simplicity. JaguarDrive instantly delivers sustainable acceleration from
0-12,000 rpm with no lag and no gearshift interruptions.


Seamlessly integrated technology, abundant space, and exceptional calm are what best describe the Jaguar I-Pace. The interior design is clean and uncluttered with tactile features and sweeping lines. Handcrafted touches reaffirm the cabin’s luxury atmosphere. Rich, solid finishers surround you and fine contrast twin-needle stitching adds tailored sophistication. Inside it also feature a floating centre console at the heart of the cabin, which is a sanctuary from the outside world. For outstanding refinement, sophisticated motor encapsulation reduces sound while the sharp exterior design minimises wind noise. Pre-heat or pre-cool the electric car uses the Touchscreen or, remotely, via the smartphone app to ensure that the vehicle is at your desired temperature before you enter. By pre-conditioning the I‑PACE while it charges, the ideal temperature is achieved without using power from the battery, preserving the vehicle’s range


I‑PACE’s Touch Pro Duo infotainment system makes it simple to control all the car’s technologies. 4G Wi-Fi capability is standard and a host of connectivity features mean it’s easy to keep in touch with your digital world. It has a compact footprint on the outside but exceptional space within. The electric architecture provides the freedom to imagine a new interior space for you and your family.      

– Source: Jaguar