How to do Matsyasana and its Health Benefits

If you’re suffering from severe back pain or stiff neck, where do you go for relief? Caught in the monotony of life, health comes last in our list of priorities. Here is a remedy for a quick and long-lasting solution for your ache: Matsyasana. Also known as the Fish Pose, Matsyasana works wonders for your tired back muscles and provides relief to you. When it’s done continuously, it increases your energy levels and reduces anxiety. While it also restores the spinal strength, it enhances the overall body balance.

How to do Matsyasana:

•    Gently stretch your arms, legs, and abdomen muscles

•    Lie down on your back

•    Your feet should be on the floor with knees bent

•    As you inhale, lift your pelvis off the floor slightly

•    With the palms down, slide your hands below your buttocks

•    Rest your buttocks

•    Bring your elbows and forearms close to your body

•    Inhale deeply your elbows and forearms against the floor

•    Stress your shoulder blade to your back

•    Lift your torso from the floor

•    Bring your head back onto the floor and lift your chest

•    Avoid pressure on your neck

•    Keep your knees bent or legs straight on the floor

•    Be in this position for 15 to 30 seconds

•    Now slowly exhale

•    Lower your torso on the floor

•    Bring your head down to the floor

•    Bring your thighs to your belly in a way that the upper part touches the abdomen

•    This will strengthen your abdomen muscles

When you have released from this pose, stretch your legs up and bring them down slowly. Relax completely.

Benefits of Matsyasana:

•    Facilitates deep breathing

•    Is good for cervical and respiratory issues

•    Increases lung capacity

•    Activates thyroid glands

•    Keeps pituitary pineal glands healthy

- Sumana